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This is a beautiful decoration in the garden


Everyone needs a kite! This one is handcrafted, with a lifelike body and stained double wings. It hangs on a 20 cm long chain.

Our dragon statue greets guests with unique style and is a great conversation piece.

Each is a handcrafted work of art and each piece is unique. Due to natural variations in wing color and the handcrafting of the piece, your specimen will vary from the one pictured.

In some cultures, the dragon is believed to represent the earth and can symbolize power, strength, and good luck. Sometimes he is depicted with a “flaming pearl” symbolizing his wisdom.

Our beautiful dragon will not only make an eye-catching accent for your yard or garden, but its bead will help brighten the path to your front door using solar power technology.

Placed anywhere outdoors, this mythical dragon will spark conversation.

This lifelike dragon is just the perfect decoration for your home. Bring a smile and good luck to whoever sees it. Suitable for garden terrace grass house.



Weight: About 100g

Size: 13*11*6CM / 5.1*4.3*6.3 IN

Color: Yellow, green, blue, white, purple,red,light blue

Theme: Dragon

Package: 1*Colorful Hanging Dragon Decoration

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