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✨Easily bling up your craft projects in no time with this press-and-stick crystal embroidery pen💎

This smart pen can be filled with crystal beads and allows them to flawlessly fix on a surface in an easy press! Making it a must-have artistic tool that can embellish your regular dull-looking crafts into an eye-catching dazzling piece

1 Press = 1 Crystal released💎 Let’s inlay the pre-loaded gems into your crafts!

The decorative pen can hold up to a maximum of 70 crystals to prevent going back and forth of collecting more for your projects. Moreover, it can easily scoop up each bling individually inside in a breeze so you won’t need to pick up the crystals by hand anymore.   

The magic crystal drill pen is comfortably lightweight and is ergonomically designed to provide the best gripping and maneuverability. Suitable for bags, shoes, phone case, wallets, phone holders, watches, hair pins, headbands, notebooks, glassware, ornaments, and even for nails. Simply fill it up first with rhinestones or crystals, align it to your canvas or item that you want to decorate and just press the metal button to push and set the crystals, and done. No more time-consuming and messy traditional one-by-one manual gluing and sticking needed. This painting drill pen comes with various crystal sizes and colors so you can creatively mix and style your crafts according to your like.   

Have an enjoyable artistic activity with a unique sparkling twist using this magic 5D crystal painting drill pen!


Mess-free Rhinestone Embroidery Pen✨
A fine artistic crystal pen applicator that scoops up crytals, rhinestones, or crystals, then flawlessly sets them up on the surface. Allowing you to effortlessly embellish your dull-looking crafts or canvas into a striking sparkling beauty in just a press of your finger! Saving you from the time-consuming and messy traditional one-by-one manual picking.

2,000 Quality Rhinestones!✨
Furthermore, it comes with various crystal sizes and 12 colors so you can mix and style up your designs depending on your fancy and imagination. Great for getting your creativity flowing and decorating multiple unique arts and crafts that will surely leave anyone amazed.

One Press Crystal Application✨
Equipped with an easy push button that smoothly pushes and places the crystals fixed on the surface. Additionally, it can hold up to an impressive 70 pieces of blings and can easily suck in each piece individually inside in a swift. Simply press the button to stick the crystals then repeat it to complete your designs and you’re good to go. No need to pick up crystals by hand and place glues anymore!

Ergonomic Design✨
Conveniently light just like your regular writing pen and is also perfectly non-slip. It provides you optimum control and crystal embellishing without sacrificing comfort. Preventing hand strains, tightness, numbness or tingling even after a prolonged use. This pen also ensures precision and it only releases 1 crystal at a press so you won’t have to worry about it ruining your arts.

Widely-Used Pen✨
Make your crafts more special and eye-catching by giving them a stunning sparkliness. Suitable for bags, shoes, phone case, wallets, phone holders, watches, hair pins, headbands, notebooks, glassware, ornaments, crafts and even for your fingernails and toenails.

Premium Quality✨
Made of high-quality, PC and stainless steel materials with excellent durability and long-lasting performance. The beads inside do not get stuck so you can smoothly apply it on the surface anytime. It can be used daily to decorate multiple projects without wearing.


Material: PC, Stainless steel, Rhinestones

Size of rhinestones (approx.): 3mm


💎Full Kit💎

1 x Blingal crystal Embroidery Pen

1 x 12-color Rhinestone Set (2,000 pcs)

💎Refill Pack💎

1 x  12-color Rhinestone Set (2,000 pcs) 

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