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An all-in-one solution for hang-drying your laundry. 

Easy Hang allows you to dry your clothes anywhere at any time! Our clothesline is lightweight, small in size, easy to store after folding, and easy to carry. It has a multi-grid windproof design, making it the best choice for your travel and outdoor experiences.


Don’t worry anymore about your clothes blowing away!
Easy Hang’s multi-grid design makes sure your clothes stay hung through the toughest of weather.


Drying your laundry has never been easier! Whether you live in the city or decided to take an exiting camping trip, you can dry your laundry anywhere without any complications.


Easy Hang is made of high quality environmentally friendly nylon rope. Compared with other ordinary clotheslines, it is thicker and firmer, more durable and has stronger carrying capacity. You can dry an entire load at the same time. The stainless steel hooks are also resistant to corrosion and rust.


Its convenient design allows for you to wrap Easy Hang around any object and fix it firmly with its stainless steel hooks. You can literally dry clothes anywhere more effectively and effortlessly than ever before!

Usage Scenarios

Our clothesline can be installed anywhere such as home gardens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, balconies, hotels, and even trees! It is ideal for indoor and outdoor drying of clothes, bedding, and other lifestyle items.


  • Hand-woven nylon
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Green
Lengths  3 meters (10 feet)/ 5 meters (16 feet) / 8 meters (26 feet) / 10 meters (33 feet)
Product Weight
  • 3m: 24g
  • 5m: 36g
  • 8m: 51g
  • 10m:64g
Package Contents
  • Windproof Non-Slip Clothesline × 1
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