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A soft, comfortable and functional pillow with the magic of a thick, curvaceous big ole’ Booty.

📦 Your order includes:
      1x Ergonomic Adjustable Pillow
🛌 Multi-function Design20 x 20 x 11 inches and 5 lbs of Booty. Designed for back, stomach and side sleepers, comfortable in many relaxing positions in bed and around the house.
🌲 All Natural Materials: Premium 100% natural latex foam, derived from tree sap. Luxuriously soft, supportive, breathable, biodegradable, hypoallergenic and enviro-friendly.
🍑 Magic of Booty: Squeezable, slappable, face-buriable and ready to make you smile. Dressable with undies, leggings, PJ’s and beyond (size L).

We spend nearly one third of our lives sleeping on an out-dated, unsupportive, rectangular pillow. 

Have you ever wondered why? It’s because we have no other options and because it’s what ‘everyone else is doing’.

Well we think it’s about time for an upgrade and we know just how to do it. After years of hands on research and development we have successfully put the magic of a thick and wonderful booty into a truly comfortable and all natural pillow.

Introducing The Buttress Pillow. Featuring 20 x 20 x 11 inches of premium 100% natural latex foam, our hand-stitched inner lining and the silky smooth washable yoga-pant outer cover. The ‘sweet spot between the thighs is ergonomically designed to cradle the head and support the neck for all kinds of sleepers. Flexible, separate legs and our unique, functional design makes it comfortable in many relaxing positions in bed and around the house.

We make sure every pillow brings peace, comfort and happiness to their new homes. 

We have consistently earned 5-star reviews across the internet from tens of thousands of customers because the Buttress isn’t just a funny novelty or gag gift, it’s a pillow you’ll really enjoy using that will last a lifetime. If you LOVE butts and want more comfortable pillows, this is for you.

We want you to give our pillow a chance to blow your mind. So, we’re giving you 30 nights to try it and if you don’t absolutely love it, return it risk free! You won’t know what you’re missing until you dive in, face first and feel the magic of the ergonomic adjustable pillow.

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