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💡Have a good night reading or working with this magnetic mini desk lamp!💡

This decorative night lamp offers a flicker-free LED that releases a soft sufficient illumination for a clear and safe night reading.

 It comes with 2 pivot joints that can be freely bent depending on your desired lighting position and angle. Furthermore, this adorable lamp has a detachable body with a convenient built-in pin. Allowing it to be used as a clip-on light for your books, notebooks, journals, magazines, comics, folders and such.    

The mini lamp features a strong magnetic base that can be attached to any metal and magnetic surface like a fridge magnet.

It also provides a non-slip mat so you can situate it on top of your desk without even budging as you work on your task. Ideal for reading, studying, working, typing, writing, drawing, crafting, painting, knitting, or if you just wanted an extra glow to lull yourself to sleep. This desk lamp is light and battery powered which allows it to be carried anytime, anywhere with ease. Suitable for home, office, dorms, camping, travels and so on.     


Mini Night Lamp💡
This adorable lamp is equipped with a flicker-free and non-ghosting LED that efficiently emits a soft, magnificent illumination. Providing you a clear visibility to your dim space which also helps to reduce eye strain, eye dryness and even headaches. Ideal for those who work, read, or are always active at night.

It has an easy button switch at the back of its head that you can press anytime to turn it on or off.   

Innovative Design💡
The night desk lamp offers 2 pivot joints that perform an impressive 180° folding. It allows you to adjust its position and angle to your desired specific area with ease.  Giving you a more direct and comfortable lighting experience. Perfect for night reading, studying, working, typing, writing, drawing, crafting, painting, knitting, or if you just wanted an extra glow to lull yourself to sleep. Moreover, it also features a detachable body with a convenient built-in pin. 

You can simply separate it from the magnetic base and use it as a clip-on light that can be clasp to books, notebooks, journals and so on.

Strong Magnetic Suction💡
It is designed with an excellent magnetic function to its base that enables it to be suspended like fridge magnets. The lamp can hold securely to any metal and magnetic surface such as pegboards, furniture and so on. It also provides a non-slip circular mat so you can situate it on top of any tables without tumbling or budging. Allowing you to accomplish any task with a stable light on even if you accidentally hit your desk or boards.   

Portable Design💡
This mini lamp is cordless and also extremely light, making it easier to carry around anytime. Suitable for home, office, dormitories, campings, traveling, dimly lit places and more possibilities. It offers 8 modish colors that can match flawlessly to any decoration and style.

Available in sleek black, rose red, yellow, white, pink, orange, green, and navy.

Premium Material💡
Made of high-quality plastic material with splendid electronic components. It has great durability and can perform continuous illumination without heating up and burning, perfect for your nightly task. This lamp is powered by 3 replaceable button batteries that you can simply change anytime from its power box. 


Material: Plastic

Size: 3.93 x 1.49 in (10cm x 3.8cm)

Power Source: AG3 Button Batteries x 3

Capacity: 8-12 hours of continuous use

Voltage: 5V

Color: Rose Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Black, White, Green, Navy


2 x Magnetic Mini Desk Lamp

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