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Your kitty deserves the best.

That’s why our Orthopedic Cat Bowl is designed to safeguard your furry friend’s neck and bowels through a unique ergonomic design. Our Orthopedic Cat Bowl improves digestion, an integral part of feline wellness, to ensure a long and healthy nine lives!

Orthopedic: Designed with a 15° tilt base, the Orthopedic Cat Bowl will allow your cat to eat without excessively lowering their head, reducing compression of the cervical vertebrae and allowing for open airflow.

Safe for Pets: Our Orthopedic Cat Bowl is made of premium, high-quality, toxin-free materials. Because your kitty’s health is our top priority.

Aesthetic Design: A cute cat-shaped design that comes in an array of colors. This bowl is functional AND decorative.

Non-Slip Base: Our Orthopedic Cat Bowl is mess-resistant, thanks to its non-slip and tip-proof structure. No more stepping in water or spilled kibble!

Material: Bowl – PC plastic, Stand Base – ABS plastic

Color: Black, White, and Transparent
Volume: 17.5oz
Stand Size: 2.8 inches


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