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Get this totally versatile, fully adjustable mount for hands-free functionality!

Keep your hands off the phone while you’re behind the wheels and use this Universal Magnetic Car Phone Holder for safe driving! 

Our holder is built to carry your phone and provide a safe and simple way to make calls, navigations and even using the phone’s voice assistant without falling while making a turn.

perfect magnetic mount that holds onto your device like a lifeline and designed to be compatible even with the biggest smartphone models.

This phone holder is suitable not only for your car, but also in a variety of places.

Attach it anywhere with a clean, smooth or textured surface and let this holder firmly and securely grasp your mobile wherever you want.

With its ability to tilt and 360 degree rotation, you can now watch Netflix in your bedroom or even listen to Spotify hands-free!

Need a phone holder with a secured gripping and minimal design?

This Universal Magnetic Flex Car Phone Holder is here to hold onto your mobile! Buy Yours Now!


Powerful Magnets

Enjoy smooth, and safe rides with this powerful magnetic phone holder that can accommodate any type of mobiles with a secured and stabled hold even through the bumps and quick turns.  

Versatile Viewing

Magnetic design gives you the flexibility to use your phone in either a landscape or portrait orientation.

Have easier navigation with our holders ability to tilt and rotate 360 degrees.


Aesthetic Design

Designed to be unobtrusive with a minimalist aesthetic, it won’t stick out when it’s not in use.

Safe for Driving

It can easily fit anywhere through your car and is small enough not to block your view which ensures your safety.

Just stick it through any smoother or textured surface of your desired position and you’re good to go!

Wide Application

Not only for your car, but you can also apply to any clean, smooth surface.

Whether in your bedroom, living room, toilet or in your kitchen this holder comes in handy.


Premium Quality

Sturdy and lightweight magnetic phone holder.

Made of high-density alloy with strong absorption that can stay put wherever it was placed even through swift turns and rocky roads.


Size: 60mm x 24mm x 20mm

Weight: 57.6g

Materials: Alloy, Silicone


1pc x Cell Phone Car Holder

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