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Bring dull furniture back to life with our Wood Seasoning Beeswax.

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Main Features

✨ Give Wooden Furniture A New Look – Removes years of dirt to restore the look of your old furniture. 

This all-purpose wax not only cleans your wood furniture and wood cabinets but also polishes them to give them that natural shine!

✨ All Natural Ingredients – This Wood Seasoning Beeswax is made entirely from natural beeswax.

There are no paraffin and no mystery ingredients, safe and healthy.

✨ Easy To Use – Cleans and polishes any type of wood. Simply aim and wipe to watch years of buildup disappear.

Very significant changes as you can see with your eyes the new polish that it brings. 

It is recommended to use our sponge for a more uniform wipe.

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✨ Various Usage – Works to remove scuff marks, grease, grime, and dirt from painted surfaces. 

Safe to use on all types of treated wooden furniture from tables to doors to cabinets and even in wood carvings.

Gives a fresh and new look to your old dented/scratched wooden furniture.


1. Clean and dry the furniture.
2. Apply this product to the furniture evenly with a sponge or towel.
3. After drying (about 30 minutes), wipe and polish with a clean towel repeatedly.
4. Deep nourishment needs about 15 hours of exquisiteness, which is beneficial to the penetration of beeswax into the wood.



Ingredients: Natural beeswax.

Package Include:

Wood Seasoning Beewax x 1/3/5 PCS


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